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Memory Transfers
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Transferring Family Memories
For Future Generations!

Beta, VHS, VHS-C, 8MM
DV, 8MM Film & More

Memory Transfers

Specializes in Digital Transfer, Scanning and Archiving Services for just about any collection type. We work with Photos, Slides, Documents, Film, Video, Audio and many other formats. We specialize in large collectons but also work with small. We will assess your collection and offer the best suggestions for organizing, storage and preservation.

Family owned and operated Memory Transfers 1st opened their doors in 2000 and has been dedicated to providing best in class customer service ever since. Including attention to detail and fastest turnaround times.

Our Mission:

Transferring family memories for future generations
Memories are precious. Our mission at Memory Transfers is to preserve them for you and to update those irreplacable treasures, so that you and your family can continue to cherish them for decades to come.

Don’t let your memories become obsolete! Bring them to Memory Transfers before they fade away.

Preserving Memories:

We give each memory the attention and care that it deserves. Your memories are precious to us. We do all transfers in-house; nothing is sent out. And your materials are always backed up for safe keeping. We use modern technology to protect and preserve your media, transferring them to high-quality DVD format for your family to enjoy for many years to come.

We do each job individually so that you and your memories will receive the personal attention that you deserve.

If you’re not sure what format you have or if the recording is recoverable, we will help you to figure it out. Call or stop in to see us!


  • “I brought in my 8mm and 6mm tapes of old home movies on a Tuesday, had a (very fair!) price estimate on Wednesday, and was able to pick my new DVD's up on Thursday. Quick, reliable, and friendly service! Very reasonably priced, and Steve will cut out any dead air on the recordings so that you get the best deal. I am so excited to give a set of these DVD's (had multiple copies made) to my parents for Christmas. They turned out very nice. They even have menus so that you may easily navigate through different events/memories, and still frame images from the recordings on the personally-labeled DVD case. Very happy that I went to Memory Transfers!”

    Sarah Davis
    Satisified Customer
  • This is an Amazing Company, with heart! It shows through their work!  
    First the price was extremely reasonable, Second Steve was very friendly and answered any questions I had. Third the quality & efficiency in their work was again AMAZING! I took 4 VHS tapes in & received a call 2 days later stating they were completed, & not even a week went by, and I found another we wanted transferred. Can't get over the quick turn around with such great quality. I can not express enough how great Steve and his wife are. I mean with the talent Steve has to make the DVD look as professional as a home video can, and his wife's talent of capturing meaningful moments on front with a personalized title for the cover!  
    Thank you for doing what you LOVE so others can keep the priceless memories present!!!!
    The Taylor/Ingram Family!
    Rachel Ingram
    Satisified Customer
  • “In less than 5 days the staff had taken the 12 vhs tapes I brought in and had them transfered to dvd and ready for pickup! I am very impressed and happy with my purchase! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful! Thank you very much for recapturing my childhood memories!”

    Sarah Meister Ruiz
    Satisified Customer

A+ Rating

Memory Transfers is an Accredited Business with an A+ Rating


Services that we offer:

The types of media that we can transfer are numerous and growing every day. If you don’t see it listed here, please don’t hesitate to ask. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Here are a few points about our quality:

· We print directly on our DVD/CD discs. No sticky labels.

· Flicker-free film transfer uses color-corrected LED lighting.

We take care to preserve your original media at all times

At Memory Transfers You Have Options





 Slide Transfers

Memory Transfers will create a Slide Show with your Photos, Slides, Prints and
Digital Images

Includes Main Title, Transitions, and Music

Photo Transfers 

Transfer of




Digital Images

To New Media

Video Tape Transfers

Digital transfer of VHS, VHS-C, Beta, and Digial 6

Deluxe DVD
Up to 2hrs
Onto DVD

Will include clean up, basic title, and motion menus. We print directly onto disc, no sticky labels. We remove static, blue screen and camera accidentally left on. DOES NOT include editing

8MM / 16MM
Film Transfers 

Silent Film

Sound Film

8MM to DVD

Super 8MM with Sound Capture

no extra charge

Film is Flicker-Free 

Captured using a system with color corrected LED lighting and enlarged gate

Audio Transfers

Audio Transfer: Audio transfer from cassette to CD, Reel-to-Reel Audio to CD

Maximum length
For Audio CD

All Copywritten Material Must Include  Permission From Copywriter To Be Used In Your Project 

We print directly onto the disc. CD will have tracks

Phone Media Transfers

Audio Recordings,
Video and Photos Transfered From Your Smart Phone To New Media

Please have your phone and phone charger along when ordering this service

Photo Restoration

Digital repairs and edits to your priceless photographic memories.

Video Editing

Saving moments in time the way you’d like to keep them. Sit down with the technician and go through your media; add title, delete scenes, insert music, add clips 

DVD Copying

Need multiple copies? Memory Transfors has it covored. Please Note: All Copywritten Material Must Include Permission From Copywriter To Be Used In Your Project.

8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm Film Capturing

We offer 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film capturing too! The process is constantly manned by a trained technician to ensure the quality and safety of your film. Film that is blank or extremely over or under exposed will not be included in your end video. Your film will move smoothly from one scene to the next without any leader. All film and assets are returned unharmed.

Enjoy your home movies again or for the first time!

How to determine how much film you have 

8mm film reels contain:
3" reels = 50 ft
5" reels = 200 ft
6" reels = 300 ft
7" reels = 400 ft  

16mm film reels contain:
5" reels = 200 ft
7" reels = 400 ft
10" reels = 800 ft


Video tapes deteriorate over time, but most importantly the players to view them on are no longer available for purchase and most homes have replaced their VCR with a DVD player.

We can transfer to dvd from vhs tapes, betamax tape, VHS-C, S-VHS (Super VHS), 8mm & HI 8mm tape, Digital 8mm, DV or Digital Video tape and HDV tape.

We can also transfer your videotape to digital video files for editing or uploading to a server site. Common file types are MP4, .MOV, and AVI. Or we can do both DVD and file conversion.

Find out if your project 
meets the requirements for
Free UPS Return Shipping 

When we finalize your project Memory Transfers will cover the cost of shipping. We will ship your completed product and original content back to you. Your project must meet the minimum order requirements in order to qualify for this service. Call: (419) 517 - 0152 for details.

5726 Alexis Rd
Sylvania, Oh 43560

Phone: (419) 517 - 0152


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